About AHI

Why HealthTech.id Exists

Healthcare system in Indonesia should be based on technology to improve service level for 250 million population. The need of same ecosystem background for technology development in healthcare to grow and support the sustainability. Digital startup companies related to health is raising in Indonesia, yet most of them not sustainable and can not survive. Either due to business model or execution.

How HealthTech.id Supports the Industry


Support healthcare system in Indonesia to be more adaptable with current technology


Support Indonesian goverment to have safety regulations and standards on health technology


Build an ecosystem with other entities on the same healthech background to grow together

Visi AHI

Improving the quality of life of indonesian people through techology

Misi AHI

  • Nurturing health-tech ecosystem
  • Advocacy for healthTech regulatory
  • Standardization for health-Tech

HealthTech.id Roadmap

What we are going to do in years to come :
Partnership Program
Create association partnership program with government

the partnership that can provide quick win relationship between ICT ministry of health and related association

Legal advocacy
Regulatory focus on :
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Telemedicine Services
  • Homecare Services
Industry standard to implement more detailed:
  • Health Data Security
  • Business Process
  • Information Exchange